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Thank you very much for your visiting to my "Amp Repair Studio". I am very good at the "Vintage AMP Repair".
"Amp Repair Studio" repairs the product when the production manufacturer does not repair . Or those which the other repair store cannot repair are repaired. This homepage is created for the repair client. Reply of question for repairing and offer of the data are pay. And when it cannot offer, it is. Including photography, homepage production, home server use,I perform all alone. Therefore,service to a visitor is not good and is late. Please change to "" when the display of the image is not displayed late. Server.
Amplifier Repair Record.
*ACCUPHASE*Acoustic Research*AGI*Aura*BGW*CounterPoint*DENON
HMA-9500 HMA-9500mk2 etc
607 707 907 a907 907x 555-10000 x-xx AU-9500 etc
*SAE*SONY *SUMO*Technics *TOSHIBA*YAMAHA 2SK180,2SK77,THF-51s,2SK180es IDSS 2SK77 ¨ 2SK180 Exchange
*Other foreign company*Each domestic company
Audio relation apparatus Repair Record
*Record relation apparatus*CD relation apparatus*etc
*Tube Tester
Hickok TV-7D/U Hickok TV-2C/U
Radio & Tuner Repair Record
*Radio *VacuumTubeUse Radio *Tuner *Tube use Tuner *Receiver *VacuumTubeUse Receiver
Guitar Amplifier Repair Record *Guitar Amplifier
Vacuum Tube Use Amplifier Repair Record
*LUXMAN *Marantz*McIntosh*Michaellson&Austin*MusicReference
*ONLIFE Research*QUAD*Technics*Other foreign company*Each domestic company*etc(self-work)
Amateur radio Repair Record
*RX=receiver(JRC.Anritsu.COLLINS) *TX=transmitter) *TRX=transceiver(DRAKE.KENWOOD) *VacuumTubeUseRX *TubeUseTX *VacuumTubeUseTransceiver(KENWOOD) *etc(ASTATIC.JRC)
Web page translation.
*SYSTRAN *altavista(BabelFishTranslation) *GoogleLanguageTools

Access situation analysis of
*Number of accesses of enterprises. *Number of accesses of universities.
*Number of accesses of world classification by countries.
Examples of recent repairs..*Accu‚‚ˆ‚‚“‚… C-200L*Accu‚‚ˆ‚‚“‚… C-220*Accu‚‚ˆ‚‚“‚… P-300L*Accu‚‚ˆ‚‚“‚… T-106*AGI 511*Acoustic Research AMP*Audio innovations 1000*BGW1000*BGW750B*collins 51s-1 receiver*Counterpoint SA-12*Counterpoint SA-5.1*Denon PRA-2000ZR*Denon POA-3000ZR*Denon 1000B*Dynaco Mark‡V*Dynavector ps-1*drake tr7a*HEGEL H4A*FM Acoustics FM801*FM Acoustics FM 600A*GAS Thaedra*GAS ampzilla ii*Hickok TV-2C/U*Hickok TV-7D/U*Hitachi hma 9500*Hitachi HMA 9500 MK II*HIWATT L100*JBL SA600*JRC NRD-515*KenWood L-07*KenWood L-02a*Kenwood L-01t*Kenwood L-02t*Kenwood TS-940*KYOCERA B-910*LUX A-3700‡U*LUX SQ-38FD*LUX MQ-60*LUX KMQ-80*Lux L-550X*Lux M06ƒΏ*Lux PD-121*Marantz 8B*Marantz 7B *Marantz #7T *Marantz 510*Marantz sc-7*Marantz 500*MESA E‚Ž‚‡‚‰‚Ž‚…‚…‚’‚‰‚Ž‚‡ BARON*McI‚Ž‚”‚‚“‚ˆ MC2255*Mcintosh c28 *Mcintosh mc275*Mcintosh MC240*Mcintosh mc60*Mcintosh c22*Michaelson & Austin TVA-1*MICRO SEIKI SX-8000*MICRO SEIKI RP-1110*MICRO SEIKI RY-5500*Musical Fidelity A1000*Musical Fidelity A1*ONLIFE RESEARCH U-22*Pioneer F-500*QUAD 22*QUAD‡U*Quad 606*Quad 405*Quad 44*Quad fm4*SAE MARK 2600*Sansui au x1111*Sansui au 9500*SANSUI 907X*Sansui AU d 907*Sansui tu-x1*Sony TA-N7*Sony TA-E88*SUMO The Power*T‚…‚ƒ‚ˆ‚Ž‚‰‚ƒ‚“ SE-A1*T‚…‚ƒ‚ˆ‚Ž‚‰‚ƒ‚“ SE-A7000*T‚…‚ƒ‚ˆ‚Ž‚‰‚ƒ‚“ SP-10mk3*T‚…‚ƒ‚ˆ‚Ž‚‰‚ƒ‚“ SP-10mk2*‚u‚‚Œ‚–‚… ‚b‚ˆ‚‚’‚‚ƒ‚”‚…‚’‚‰‚“‚”‚‰‚ƒ M‚…‚”‚…‚’ mk2*YAESU FT-101E*Yamaha b-1*Yamaha uc-1*Yamaha c2a*Yamaha CR-1000*YAMAHA B-1. 2SK77¨2SK180
The history of "Amp Repair Studio".@I opened "Amp Repair Studio" who was a long-time dream.(2001/9/1) . The "JA1MDN Repair Studio" was renamed to the "Amp Repair Studio". (2003/11/1)@[] was acquired. It is operating with the home server. (2003/12/1) [] was acquired. (2004/7/18) [] was acquired. (2005/5/21) [] was acquired. (2010/10/9)
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